List of Schools

Course Overview Contact Info.
The Sky Guys Online Ground School
Heli Video Pros Online Course
Clarion Drone Academy Inc. Online Course
The Sky Guys Online Ground School Online Ground School
Aerobotica In Class Courses/Flight School
Humber College In Class
Great Lakes Helicopter/Sky Hunger 406 In Class Course/Flight School
Waterloo Wellington  In Class Course/Flight School
Canadore College Uav Training
Exploerer Solutions Training Services
Lockheed Martin Training Services and Manufactuer
MDA Systems Ltd Various Airborne Services
MMIST Inc Training services and Manufacturer
NTFG Productions Inc Training Services
Skymatics Various UAV Services
Textron Systems Canada Inc. Various UAS Services
UAV Training UAV Training
Canadian Unmanned Incorporated In Class/Flight School
Clarion Drone Academy Inc. Online Course Division TriLink Aerospace Marketing Inc. In Class/Training Services
Sugu World In Class/Flight School
The Canadian Drone Institute Training Services
Altohelix Training Services
Koptr Image Inc. Training Services
CQFA Online/In Class/Simulators
CAE Training Services
CED Alma Training Services
CQFA - Chicoutimi College Uav Training
Discovery Air Defence Services Training Services
Exo Drone Various UAV Services
Marinvent Corporation Training Services
Meggitt Training Systems Canada Training Services
Presagis Training Services and Manufacturer
Spectral Aviation Various UAV Services
Orizon Aviation In Class Course
British Columbia
Aerobotika In Class Courses/Flight School
Sarvair Aviation Training and various aerial services
Sassin Diversified Technologies LTD Various UAV Services
Skydrone UAV Services Inc. Training Services
New Brunswick
Moncton Flight College Flight School
SKYMETRO  Training Services
SAIT Polyetechnic Training/School
Skymount Unmanned Systems Various Aerial Services
Locked On Solutions Inc Various UAV Services
Canadian Centre for Unmanned Vehicle Systems Uav Training
Harv's Air Pilot Training Training Services- Online and In class
MicroPilot Inc Training Services and Manufacturer
Pilot Training Online Ground School
Southport - Airport and Commercial Properties UAV Testing Site
Seamatica Aerospace Training Services
CloudBreaker Training Services
Nova Scotia
Flitelab Uav support and Aerial Imaging services
The Canadian Drone Institute Training Services
Draganfly Innovations Inc. Training Services and Manufactuer